News from the Cohan Research Group

Confronting Climate Gridlock: How Diplomacy, Technology, and Policy Can Unlock a Clean Energy Future (Yale University Press) available from Amazon, IndieBound, Brazos Bookstore (signed copies), Barnes & Noble

2024/05 Paper by Lina Luo et al. about how nitrification inhibitors affect soil emissions is published in Journal of Environmental Management

2024/04 Paper by Chen Chen et al. about U.S. geothermal power potential is published in Environmental Research: Energy

2024/04 Cohan receives Excellence in Academic Advising Award

2024/04 Media appearances

2024/03 Media appearances

2024/02 Cohan publishes article about particulate matter standards in The Conversation

2024/02 Chen Chen successfully defends his Ph.D. thesis proposal

2024/02 Cohan speaks about Confronting Climate Gridlock to Lone Star College Curious Minds event

2024/02 Media appearances

2024/01 Cohan speaks to University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology seminar about geothermal electricity

2024/01 Media appearances

2024/01 Cohan was the third-most quoted Rice professor in 2023: Rice University M&M Report

2023/11 Paper about how soil carbon amendments impact reactive nitrogen emissions is published in Biochar

2023/11 Cohan and James Doss-Gollin issue Baker Institute research paper: "Revamping the Texas Power Grid: Insights from Rice University's Electricity Research"

2023/11 Cohan appears on the Gulf Streams podcast to discuss the future of energy in Texas and beyond

2023/11 Media appearances

2023/10 Confronting Climate Gridlock is awarded second place for the 2023 SEJ Rachel Carson Environment Book Award

2023/10 Media appearances

2023/09 Cohan speaks to PIVOT 2023 geothermal conference

2023/09 Media appearances

2023/08 Paper with James Doss-Gollin on climate risks in electricity system planning published in Current Sustainable/Renewable Energy Reports

2023/08 Media appearances

2023/07 Lina Luo successfully defends Ph.D. thesis

2023/07 Media appearances

2023/07 Cohan presents seminar and directed study about climate change at National Youth Science Camp

2023/06 Media appearances

2023/05 Media appearances

2023/04 Cohan appears on The Energy Switch on PBS television (streaming) (transcript)

2023/04 Media appearances

2023/03 Cohan speaks to Taste of Science Houston (slides)

2023/03 Media appearances

2023/02 Confronting Climate Gridlock is released in paperback

2023/02 Media appearances

2023/01 Media appearances

2023/01 Cohan speaks to UC Davis Society of Water and Environmental Graduate Students (slides)

2023/01 Cohan speaks on Friends of Fondren Library authors panel

2023/01 The Future of Geothermal in Texas report released

2023/01 Cohan publishes article in The Conversation discussing gas stoves in the context of climate policy

2022/12 Chen Chen wins the Scott Morton Memorial Graduate Fellowship from the Ken Kennedy Institute

2022/12 Cohan has second most media mentions of Rice faculty in 2022

2022/12 Cohan speaks to Air & Waste Management Association Gulf Coast Chapter technical luncheon (slides)

2022/12 Cohan delivers presentation and Lina Luo and Chen Chen present posters at DeLange conference

2022/12 Media appearances

2022/11 Cohan speaks to Air & Waste Management Association climate conference

2022/11 Cohan speaks to Houston Philosophical Society (slides)

2022/11 Cohan presents TEDx talk on Confronting Climate Change

2022/11 Cohan speaks to ACEC Energy Symposium

2022/11 Cohan presents to West Texas A&M University distinguished lecture series

2022/11 Media appearances

2022/10 Media appearances

2022/10 Cohan speaks to Houston Jewish Book & Arts Festival

2022/10 Cohan presents departmental seminar about electricity research and a book event at Texas A&M University

2022/10 Chen Chen wins student poster award at CMAS conference for research on flaring emissions and health impacts

2022/10 Lina Luo presents research on soil emissions and carbon amendments at CMAS conference

2022/09 Cohan presents Rice Engineering Research Seminar on Confronting Climate Change

2022/09 Panel and book signing at The Texas Tribune Festival

2022/09 Cohan speaks to Gulf Coast Power Association (slides)

2022/09 Cohan delivers Rice civil and environmental engineering departmental seminar (slides)

2022/09 Media appearances

2022/08 Cohan speaks to EPA New Insights in Atmospheric Science Seminar Series (slides)

2022/08 Cohan on panel and book signing for NADBank U.S.-Mexico Border Environmental Forum XXVI

2022/08 Media appearances

2022/07 Cohan speaks on panel at PIVOT 2022 geothermal conference

2022/07 Cohan article in Houston Chronicle discusses Senate climate bill

2022/07 Media appearances

2022/06 Paper with lead author Lina Luo in Environmental Science & Technology quantifies the air pollution, health, and climate impacts of reactive nitrogen emissions from fertilized soils

2022/06 Team of students from CEVE 307 "Energy and the Environment" is awarded the Greene Prize for Environmental Writing

2022/06 Cohan article in The Conversation discusses the application of the Defense Production Act to clean energy technologies

2022/06 Media appearances

2022/05 Marketplace Q&A about Confronting Climate Gridlock

2022/05 Financial Times names Confronting Climate Gridlock one of its "Best new books on climate and the environment"

2022/05 Cohan discusses book with Raj Mankad in Center for Houston's Future webcast

2022/05 Cohan speaks to Humid Climate Conference

2022/05 Media appearances

2022/04 Cohan speaks to University of Texas Energy Symposium

2022/04 Cohan is appointed to the EPA Board of Scientific Counselors climate change subcommittee

2022/04 Book event at Rice University in conversation with Chris Tomlinson: video recording

2022/04 Society of Environmental Journalists book authors' panel

2022/04 Media appearances

2022/03 Paper with Ricky Morse, Sarah Salvatore, and Joanna Slusarewicz, about how wind and solar could replace coal in Texas, is published in the journal Renewables: Wind, Water, and Solar

2022/03 Media appearances

2022/03 Cohan speaks at Society of Environmental Journalists conference

2022/03 Cohan speaks and Chen Chen presents poster at Texas Energy Summit

2022/02 Paper with Chen Chen and collaborators about the health impacts of gas flaring is published in the journal Atmosphere

2022/02 Graduate student Chen Chen is awarded the H.W. Reeves Endowed Scholarship

2022/02 Media appearances

2022/01 Lina Luo presents research on soil nitrogen emissions to the annual meeting of the American Meteorological Society

2022/01 Profile of graduate student Lina Luo and Rice's efforts to bolster student communication skills

2022/01 Rice Public Affairs reports that Cohan had the second-most media mentions of Rice faculty in 2021

2022/01 Media appearances:

2021/11 Team of undergraduate students is awarded the Greene Prize for Environmental Writing for their report in CEVE 307 Energy and the Environment

2021/11 Lina Luo presents research about soil nitrogen modeling to CMAS conference

2021/11 Last Week Tonight credits contributions from Cohan for its episode on the power grid

2021/10 Media appearances:

2021/09 Paper about air pollution from a chemical facility fire, co-authored by Cohan and undergrad Ricky Morse, is published in Environmental Justice

2021/09 Media appearances:

2021/07 Paper by Goldman, Morse, Cohan, et al. accepted by Environmental Justice

2021/07 Media appearances:

2021/06 Cohan discusses Texas regional haze rule with KUHF radio Houston Chronicle Houston Chronicle op-ed Dallas Morning News Texas Tribune

2021/06 Cohan discusses ozone pollution nationally (Bloomberg) and in the Dallas region (Dallas Morning News)

2021/06 Cohan discusses Texas electricity with New York Times CBC radio KUT radio KUHF radio KTRK TV (6/16 7/7) CBS Austin KSAT Popular Science The Guardian Engineering News-Record Weather Channel Yahoo Finance Live Here and Now Texas Tribune Reuters Dallas Morning News (6/18 6/24 7/8) Fort Worth Star-Telegram Newsweek Univision

2021/05 Cohan discusses Texas electricity and gas systems with KHOU TV KHOU online FOX4 Dallas (5/6 5/20 6/9) Dallas Morning News Rice Magazine KTRH radio KUT radio Houston Chronicle

2021/04 Planet Now hosts Cohan and Jim Blackburn for conversation about climate and resilience (video)

2021/04 Winnie Louh, Yunseo Choi, and Amy Jiang present research at Rice Undergraduate Research Symposium

2021/04 Cohan receives Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor Award

2021/04 Cohan speaks to Rice Design Alliance Civic Forum

2021/04 Cohan speaks to GridNEXT conference

2021/04 Cohan discusses Texas electricity with Dallas Morning News (4/13 4/22) Bloomberg E&E News KUT radio KHOU TV FOX 4 Dallas CBS Austin Texas Tribune Austin American-Statesman

2021/04 San Antonio Express-News quotes Cohan about drop in U.S. emissions

2021/04 Houston Chronicle quotes Cohan about the benefits of more electricity transmission in Texas

2021/03 Lina Luo successfully defends her Ph.D. thesis proposal

2021/03 Group receives grant from Carbon Hub to research how carbon amendments could influence nitrogen emissions from soils (collaboration with Prof. Carrie Masiello)

2021/03 Research group alum Joanna Slusarewicz wins National Science Foundation graduate research fellowship

2021/03 Yale Climate Connections videos on Role of gas in Texas blackouts and Opportunities for geothermal

2021/02 Lina Luo is awarded the H.W. Reeves endowed scholarship

2021/02 Cohan discusses Texas energy systems and blackouts with:

2021/02 Cohan speaks about coal, wind, and solar to NC State University (slides)

2021/01 Cohan discusses air quality changes under COVID on KUHF Houston Matters

2020/12 Cohan presents research about air quality impacts of COVID at AGU Fall Meeting

2020/12 Winnie Louh presents research about air quality impacts of COVID at AGU Fall Meeting

2020/12 Lina Luo presents research about soil emissions of nitrogen at AGU Fall Meeting

2020/11 Ricky Morse wins best student poster award from Texas Energy Summit (article)

2020/10 Cohan speaks to Planet Now seminar series (YouTube)

2020/10 Zach Rewolinski presents to CMAS Conference about activity changes under COVID (YouTube)

2020/10 Cohan presents to CMAS Conference about wind, solar, and coal in Texas (YouTube)

2019/12 Cohan speaks on panel: Red State = Green Energy (livestream; slides)

2019/10 Cohan speaks to Fort Bend CAN about pollution from Plant Parish (slides)

2019/10 Cohan presents NYSCAA webinar: Solving the Climate Challenge (slides; webinar)

2019/10 Cohan presents to SSPEED conference: Climate change and the future of hurricanes

2019/09 Cohan speaks to Toshiba Technical Society about Houston air quality (slides)

2019/07 Cohan speaks to National Youth Science Camp about climate solutions (slides)

2019/07 Cohan conducts World Climate Simulation at National Youth Science Camp (slides)

2019/06 Cohan speaks with teachers about climate science for K-12 classes (slides)

2019/06 Cohan presents talk: Climate change and what you can do (slides)

2019/06 Cohan quoted in New York Times

2019/05 Cohan presents to Fort Bend County meeting about W.A. Parish coal plant (slides)

2019/05 Dr. Quazi Rasool is officially awarded his Ph.D.

2019/05 Lina Luo successfully completes her preliminary examination

2019/04 Cohan speaks to Gulf Coast Power Association about wind and solar power (slides)

2019/04 Cohan appears on KUHF Houston Matters to discuss Houston air quality

2019/02 Paper by Quazi Rasool published in Geoscientific Model Development

2019/02 Cohan presents to Meyerland Democrats about climate science and policy (slides)

2019/02 Brian Strasert presents his research to Fort Bend County community forum

2019/01 Houston Chronicle editorial highlights research from our group

2019/01 Cohan appears on Bauer Business Focus

2019/01 Vox covers research by Joanna Slusarewicz

2019/01 Houston Chronicle covers research by Joanna Slusarewicz

12/2018 New York Times covers research by Brian Strasert

11/2018 Paper by Brian Strasert published by Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association

11/2018 Paper by Joanna Slusarewicz published in Renewables: Wind, Water, and Solar

11/2018 Cohan appears on Houston Matters

09/2018 Cohan moderates keynote panel at Texas Energy Summit

09/2018 Cohan attends Global Climate Action Summit

08/2018 Quazi Rasool successfully defends his Ph.D. thesis

04/2018 Cohan selected as a Distinguished Faculty Associate of Will Rice College

03/2018 Paper by Sanchez et al. published in Atmospheric Environment

07/2018 Joanna Slusarewicz wins Greene Prize for Environmental Writing at Rice

01/2018 Paper by Rui Zhang et al. published in Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres

01/2018 Cohan presents Rice CEE departmental seminar on "Solving the Climate Challenge"

09/2017 Paper by Rui Zhang et al. published in Atmospheric Environment

08/2017 Brian Strasert successfully defends his M.S. thesis

07/2017 Paper by Shayak Sengupta and Cohan published in Transportation Research D

07/2017 Paper by Pourhashem et al. published in Environmental Science and Technology

07/2017 Paper by Krakauer and Cohan published in Resources

05/2016 Quazi Rasool, Amanda San Miguel, and Ethan Agrawal win Greene Prize for Environmental Writing at Rice

05/2016 Article on sulfur emissions and climate appears in Earthzine

04/2016 Amanda San Miguel awarded Harrianna Butler Scholarship

03/2016 Cohan speaks to Great Discussions group as a Climate Voices speaker

03/2016 Shayak Sengupta selected for NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

03/2016 Articles about natural gas study with Shayak Sengupta: Conservation Magazine; Green Car Congress; EnergyWire; World Industrial Reporter; Scientific Blogging; Daily GPI

02/2016 Cohan and Sengupta, International Journal of Global Warming article: Net greenhouse gas emission savings from natural gas substitutions in vehicles, furnaces, and power plants

02/2016 Policy and Legal Dimensions of Climate and Energy Forum, Rice University

02/2016 Cohan serves as lecturer for Rice Alumni cruise to Costa Rica and Panama

Lecture on how El Nino and climate change impact Central America's weather

Lecture on how Costa Rica generates 99% of its electricity from renewables

01/2016 Cohan, Zhang, Czader, and Rasool present at NASA Air Quality Applied Sciences Team meeting

12/2015 Cohan presents natural gas research at American Geophysical Union annual meeting

04/2015 Cohan selected as department's Faculty Member of the Year by CEE students

04/2015 Shell Center for Sustainability funds study of natural gas leaks in Houston

04/2015 Rui Zhang, Quazi Rasool, and Dan Cohan present work at Texas Air Quality Symposium

03/2015 Shayak Sengupta selected to become a Fulbright-Nehru Scholar to India

03/2015 Cohan named Distinguished Faculty Associate of Will Rice College

10/2014 Amanda MacDonald article appears in Sense and Sustainability

05/2014 Cohan appointed a Fellow of the Rice Center for Teaching Excellence

05/2014 Cohan speaks to American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Houston chapter

04/2014 KPRC story about Air Quality Awareness Week

04/2014 Shayak Sengupta and Allen (Lun) Li win second and third prize from Shell Center for Sustainability at Rice Undergraduate Research Symposium

04/2014 Tolulope Akunwumi wins Robert H. Parks Jr. Prize for Excellence in Engineering Leadership

04/2014 Tolulope Akunwumi successfully defends MCEE research on oil sands life cycle impacts

04/2014 Shayak Sengupta wins Rice Engineering Alumni award

04/2014 Elizabeth Pina and Shayak Sengupta win Sims Awards from CEE Department

04/2014 Cohan joins launch of Climate Voices

04/2014 Txchnologist article about Cohan and Chen paper

04/2014 Huffington Post article discusses Cohan and Chen paper

03/2014 Shayak Sengupta wins Greene Prize for Environmental Writing

03/2014 Antara Digar joins the faculty at Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur

03/2014 Zhou article on Houston ozone published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

03/2014 Wei Tang successfully defends Ph.D. dissertation

03/2014 Cohan named Distinguished Faculty Associate of Will Rice College

03/2014 Cohan presents Civic Scientist talk on climate change to Katy Cinco Ranch High School

02/2014 Rui Zhang joins group as a postdoctoral scholar

01/2014 Shayak Sengupta presents at King Abdullah University of Science at Technology's invitation-only Research Poster Competition for Undergraduates

01/2014 NPR coverage of NASA AQAST meeting

01/2014 Findings reported at NASA AQAST meeting at Rice

01/2014 Cohan hosts NASA Air Quality Applied Sciences Team meeting at Rice

12/2013 Cohan named a Baker Institute Faculty Scholar in the Center for Energy Studies

11/2013 Tang article on satellite-based inverse modeling of NOx published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

05/2013 Texas Tribune article about fine particulate matter in Houston

05/2013 Article on NOx control in Chemistry & Industry

04/2013 Cohan promoted to Associate Professor with tenure

04/2013 Wei Zhou successfully defends Ph.D. dissertation

03/2013 Zhou article shows faster than expected decline in ozone pollution

02/2013 Tang wins first place in Student Presentation Competition at AMS Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry

02/2013 Media coverage of Rice ozone-health studies presented at AAAS: U.S. News and World Report News Medical Links to additional coverage

02/2013 Cohan presents ozone health effects research at AAAS annual meeting

02/2013 EnergyWire article about energy education at Rice

01/2013 Zhou article published in Atmospheric Environment

01/2013 Digar article published in Journal of Geophysical Research

01/2013 Cohan presents research at American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting

12/2012 Cohan presents research at American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting

07/2012 Ji article selected as a 'Highlight of 2011' in Environmental Research Letters

05/2012 Dr. Antara Digar graduates from Rice with her Ph.D.

03/2012 Pegues article documents progress in attaining ozone standards

02/2012 Antara Digar defends Ph.D. dissertation

08/2011 Watson wins Ford Foundation Fellowship

04/2011 Tang article published in Atmospheric Environment

04/2011 Cohan named Outstanding Faculty Associate of Will Rice College

02/2011 Cohan named to NASA Air Quality Applied Sciences Team

01/2011 Digar article published in Environmental Science & Technology

12/2010 Xiao article published in Journal of Geophysical Research

10/2010 Rice at Large article about Rice Air Curriculum for fifth-graders

08/2010 NASA grant to support Texas ozone modeling research

08/2010 Digar article published in Environmental Science & Technology

01/2010 Cohan presents State of the Air talk to Rice alumni luncheon

05/2009 Hodges-Copple receives Fulbright Scholarship to Denmark

04/2009 Rice Engineering News article about Texas power options

03/2009 Cohan receives National Science Foundation CAREER Award

01/2009 Texas Business for Clean Air releases energy and air quality study

06/2007 EPA awards STAR grant for study of uncertainty in air quality decision-making

05/2007 Cohan named Outstanding Faculty Associate of Will Rice College

07/2006 Cohan joins the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering as an assistant professor

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