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The Conversation, 2/22/2024: EPA has tightened its target for deadly particle pollution − states need more tools to reach it

The Conversation, 10/17/2023: What is a virtual power plant? An energy expert explains

Yale University Press, 2/23/2023: New directions toward a clean energy future

The Conversation, 1/18/2023: Why gas stoves matter to the climate – and the gas industry: Keeping them means homes will use gas for heating too

The Conversation, 8/19/2022: Big new incentives for clean energy aren’t enough – the Inflation Reduction Act was just the first step, now the hard work begins

Houston Chronicle, 7/29/2022: Surprise Senate deal is a clean energy game changer for Texas, US and the world

The Conversation, 6/10/2022: Why Biden just declared heat pumps and solar panels essential to national defense

The Hill, 5/18/2022: Climate lessons from faltering Texas power grid

Houston Chronicle, 4/3/2022: American supergrid — How Texas can unlock clean energy with small connections

Houston Chronicle, 6/30/2021: Hundreds of lives at stake in TCEQ decision today on haze

Houston Chronicle, 2/28/2021: Gov. Abbott's call for winterization misses the breadth of our needs

The Hill, 2/26/2021: The broader vulnerabilities revealed by the Texas blackouts

Austin American-Statesman, 2/24/2021 (with Katharine Hayhoe): Texas needed power and leadership. It got neither.

Talking Points Memo, 2/18/2021: What So Many Of The Misleading Narratives About Texas Miss

The Hill, 10/22/2020: Clean energy opportunities in a time of crisis

The Conversation, 5/8/2020: COVID-19 shutdowns are clearing the air, but pollution will return as economies reopen

The Hill, 3/5/2020: Coronavirus crisis opens new paths toward clean energy

The Hill, 12/4/2019: Natural gas: Is it a bridge or roadblock?

Houston Chronicle, 5/26/2019: It's a blip; We don't need to rescue coal plants

The Hill, 5/7/2019: Nuclear should complement wind and solar -- not compete

The Hill, 5/1/2019: Climate change questions for presidential candidates

The Hill, 2/4/2019: The obvious blind spots in pessimistic energy predictions

Houston Chronicle, 1/31/2019: It's going to be a hot summer. How can Texas electricity keep up?

The Hill, 12/31/2018: 2018: A year of stalled progress and unprecedented ambition on climate

The Hill, 11/8/2018: Pro-environment Democrats gain influence in Congress and states, but lose key GOP allies

The Conversation, 11/1/2018: Coal can't compete with cheaper alternatives and the industry's true costs are higher than they appear

Houston Chronicle, 10/22/2018 (with Andrew Dessler): We're scientists. We know the climate's changing. And we know why.

The Hill, 10/16/2018: Are voters ready to tax pollution?

Houston Chronicle, 9/19/2018: We can't fight climate change without national leadership

The Hill, 8/31/2018: Where Trump's -- and Obama's -- energy plans fall short

The Hill, 2/8/2018: New projections play up coal while downplaying renewables -- That's not reality

The Hill, 1/23/2018: Trump's solar tariffs won't boost the government's bottom line

Houston Chronicle, 1/29/2018: Are candidates ready to face climate change? Voters are

The Hill, 1/12/2018: Energy Department is seriously underestimating solar power abroad

The Hill, 1/9/2018: Trump keeps selling the false 'environment vs economy' line

The Hill, 10/20/2017: Repealing the Clean Power Plan could backfire for coal

Houston Chronicle, 9/5/2017: Will climate change make storms more severe?

The Conversation, 9/1/2017: What Hurricane Harvey says about risk, climate and resilience

The Hill, 8/16/2017: Congress, it's time to step up on climate change

Houston Chronicle, 8/14/2017: How Houston stars in 'An Inconvenient Sequel'

The Hill, 8/3/2017: Effective climate protection means better policy and harnessing market forces

The Hill 7/24/2017: Climate change will heat up midterm elections

The Hill, 6/23/2017: Here's why Big Oil would back a carbon reduction plan

Houston Chronicle, 6/15/2017: How electric vehicles can help cities like Houston fight climate change

The Conversation, 6/13/2017: Cities can jumpstart climate progress by plugging in their vehicles

The Hill, 3/20/2017: Putting coal profits ahead of coal miners

The Hill, 3/8/2017: The trouble with over-hyping clean energy

The Hill, 3/6/2017: The trouble with underestimating clean energy

The Hill, 2/9/2017: Why liberals should accept a conservative carbon tax plan

The Hill, 2/6/2017: End of the road for diesel cars?

The Hill, 2/2/2017: Travel ban another example of Trump's war on science

The Hill, 1/24/2017: Electric car sales predictions are all over the map

The Hill, 12/29/2016: The most important pollution rule you've never heard of

The Hill, 12/9/2016: How to make climate progress with Trump in the White House

The Hill, 11/22/2016: Lessons from a red state in how to go green under Republicans

Our Energy Policy, 11/15/2016: What will energy policy look like under President Trump?

The Hill, 11/8/2016: What will energy policy look like under President Clinton or Trump?

The Hill, 8/28/2016: Corporate demand for green power grows, but what will increased supply look like?

The Hill, 8/11/2016: To curb climate change, looking beyond carbon dioxide to your AC

The Hill, 8/1/2016: Clinton vows to meet Paris climate pledge, but it won't be easy

The Hill, 7/22/2016: Trump gets on wrong on China and the Paris climate agreement

The Hill, 6/28/2016: Tesla - Solar City deal highlights pillars of sustainable energy future

The Hill, 6/17/2016: Are Clinton's solar goals feasible?

The Hill, 6/13/2016: Net metering for solar sounds simple, but is it fair?

Bloomberg Government, 6/10/2016: EIA's shrinking emissions forecasts

The Hill, 5/23/2016: New report shows importance of Clean Power Plan

The Conversation, 5/19/2016 (with Beata Czader and Rui Zhang): The paradox of peak-based ozone air pollution standards

The Hill, 5/10/2016: Trump's unrealistic promises in coal country

The Hill, 5/3/2016: The environmental toll of storing fossil fuels

The Hill, 4/18/2016: When coal companies go bankrupt, the mining doesn't always stop

The Hill, 4/1/2016: An Energy agency's forecasting flaws

The Hill, 3/8/2016: Is natural gas a fossil fuel substitute, or does it just crowd out renewables?

The Hill, 3/14/2016: Political challenges to climate science at home and abroad

Bloomberg Government, 4/13/2016: EIA's Cascading Coal Forecasts

Bloomberg Government, 3/24/2016: Power plants may hit emissions target this year

The Hill, 02/14/2016 (with Leah Parks): Achieving Clean Power Plan targets well ahead of schedule

The Hill, 02/17/2016: Plummeting coal use and peaking stockpiles           

Houston Chronicle, 12/2015: Can Exxon mend its climate busting ways

Houston Chronicle, 12/2015: Why strict new ozone rules won't do much for Texans health

Houston Chronicle, 12/2015: Houston and Dallas can't possibly meet new air quality standards

Houston Chronicle, 11/2015: The big new concept in Obama's Keystone XL decision

The Conversation, 11/4/2015: If a solar plant uses natural gas, is it still green

The Conversation, 10/28/2015: Could Hurricane Patricia be a harbinger of storms in a warmer climate?

Houston Chronicle, 07/2014: Texas can lead in approaches to meeting emission caps

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