Prospective Students

Prospective graduate students

The Cohan Research Group welcomes graduate applications from highly motivated students interested in atmospheric modeling and its linkages with energy, health, and policy. Given the interdisciplinary nature of our work, successful applicants may come from a variety of academic disciplines, but should have a strong foundation in the sciences and mathematics as well as outstanding analytical and writing skills.

Details about applying to the Masters or Ph.D. programs in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Rice University are available here.

Prospective undergraduate students

Undergraduate research assistants are vital contributors to our research efforts. Research opportunities for undergraduates include studies of meteorological impacts on air pollution, life cycle assessments of vehicles and power plant emissions, and the effectiveness of air quality management and climate policies. Contact Prof. Cohan for more information about research opportunities in our group.

Dr. Daniel Cohan
Associate Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Rice University
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Phone: 713-348-5129
Office: Ryon 209
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