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Dr. Daniel Cohan
Associate Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Rice University
6100 Main Street MS 519
Houston, TX 77005

Phone: 713-348-5129
Office: Keck Hall 116B
Email: cohan 'at' rice.edu

Satellite Data to Enhance Ozone Modeling 

Satellites provide opportunities to remotely sense atmospheric data with far greater spatial coverage than is possible from ground-based observational networks. Our research is exploring the incorporation of two types of data -- photolysis rates based on GOES satellite measurements of clouds, and NO2 measurements from the OMI satellite -- to enhance photochemical modeling of ground-level ozone. Inverse modeling uses the satellite observations of NO2 columns to adjust emissions inventories of nitrogen oxides. We are investigating how the resulting satellite-adjusted photolysis rates and NOx emission inventories could influence sensitivity modeling of the responsiveness of ground-level ozone to emission control measures in Texas.

Funding: NASA ROSES grant
Student: Wei Tang
Collaborator: Dr. Arastoo Pour-Biazar, University of Alabama-Huntsville

Associated articles: Tang et al 2013