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Dr. Daniel Cohan
Associate Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Rice University
6100 Main Street MS 519
Houston, TX 77005

Phone: 713-348-5129
Office: Keck Hall 116B
Email: cohan 'at' rice.edu


CEVE/ESCI/ENST 307 Energy and the Environment

This course explores the physical principles of energy and how various sectors and fuels impact Earth's environment and climate. It also examines policies and technologies that could foster more sustainable use of energy resources. The course includes a group project in which students will design and advocate potential policy, research, or business approaches to a particular energy source.  

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ASCE journal article about CEVE 307 curricular development


CEVE 411/511 Atmospheric Processes

This course explores the chemical and physical processes that govern the formation, transformation, and transport of gases and particles in the atmosphere. The primary phenomena of focus are stratospheric ozone depletion; tropospheric ozone formation and related oxidant and reactive nitrogen chemistry; acid rain; particulate matter; mercury and other air toxics; and global climate change. While the course primarily focuses on the atmospheric chemistry and physics processes that influence these phenomena, it also considers the broader context of environmental policy, control technologies, and impacts on human health and the environment.  

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